Travelblogue: Big breakfast in Penang

Discovered an awesome coffeeshop on the corner of Jalan Rangoon and Jalan Macalister, where the saying “eat like a king for breakfast” can really be put into practice.

In the morning, you can get prawn/crawfish noodles, awesome bannana pancakes, kick-ass gula melaka coffee and home-made dim sum with paos as big as your head.

Enough talk. Here’s what we ate.

Breakfast item #1: Har mee (prawn mee)

Heaped with crawfish, cubes of roast pork, hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts. Prawn and pork stock makes for good soup and the savoury chilli paste gives it a kick.

Best buddies: sweet (if a bit overcooked) crawfish and succulent fatty roast pork with crispy skin. They'll dance the lambada in your mouth

You can also have pork ribs instead of crawfish. Don't bother with the dry version though. They just give you less soup

Does parties and functions too! If I lived in Penang I'd hire them every weekend!

Breakfast item #2: Banana Pancakes – A sweet and savoury concoction with bananas, raisins, egg and sesame seeds. Sounds weird, but it’s good, really good…

Frying up our pancakes on a griddle so large she could fry a few other orders of french toast at the same time!

The bananas carmelise in the heat and create a perfect crisp exterior while remaining soft and warm on the inside

Breakfast item #3: Big pau…as big as your head. Lots of moist meat and egg filling…

In proportion to the coffee cup

In proportion to a hand

In proportion to the fork

And proportion to my head. Told you it was BIG

And if you can’t get enough of the coffee shop during the day, you can always go back at night when the place comes alive with satay stalls, claypot porridge sellers, an awesome Pi Pa duck stall and a whole bunch of other local favourites. (prawn noodles and pancakes are off at night).

About Mizdee

Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.


  1. Interesting story, did not thought reading it was going to be so amazing when I saw your link!

  2. i seriously adore all your posting taste, very remarkable.
    don’t quit and also keep creating in all honesty , because it just worth to look through it.
    impatient to view additional of your current content articles, have a pleasant day :)

    • Miz Dee

      Thanks for the encouragement! I just post the things that look (and taste) good to me, so it’s nice to know that others feel the same way too! Do come back to read my latest posts, there will be some interesting things coming up soon :D

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