Travelblogue: Waffeln in Esslingen

Just a quick one before we run off to Switzerland for the New Year – unfortunately there’s no time to post my visit to the Esslingen Medieval Christmas Market, so you’ll just have to make do with my experiments with Cheese Waffles!

Being a savoury rather than sweet person, I couldn’t resist using some of the fantastic cheese in our breakfast waffles the other day. I just sprinkled the cave-matured Gruyere onto the batter as it was poured it into the waffle maker. And voila!

The Gruyere gets all toasty and crunchy from the griddle

The best bits

I also had some Pancetta (smoky Italian bacon) in the fridge and just couldn’t resist….

You don't get it any better than this...

About Mizdee

Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.

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