World Cup Feasting: Sushi in honour of Japan’s Cameroonian Victory

It’s the start of the world cup AND I’ve got a guest blogger, how exciting! It’s like getting your birthday AND Christmas presents at the same time.

Every post this month will be written in honour of a match in the cup. Not that I’m going to be writing much about football, at least not in the technical way, but about how the meals I’m eating have been touched or influenced by the wonderful sporting event that’s going on at the moment.

This post is contributed by the mysterious Mr T, who enthusiatically took pictures of his sushi lunch for this post. Unfortunately, after enthusiastically wolfing the food down, he couldn’t be bothered to do any of the actual writing…so it’s back to me. But that’s ok. I can eat , talk or write about sushi anytime – it’s one of my favourite foods.

My restaurant of the moment is Nogawa, where my favourite sushi chef, Derrick, serves up a mix of uncomplicated and exciting, but always exquisitely fresh sushi.

We always start with a little treasure from the sea – whatever happens to be in season – this time it was baby squid and sea urchin.

Picture perfect place settings… until the eating starts and your place becomes a war zone of spilt sauce and rice grains.

Fresh sea urchin from Hokkaido. Creamy and mild.

Baby squid with Miso . Imagine one of these popping in your mouth…

Nothing beats the sweetness of fresh fish on warm, vinegared rice. It’s a special blend of flavours – a little briny, a little sweet, a little salty, and a little bitey (from the wasabi) – that I find unbeatably refreshing. Especially when needing to ‘detox’ from rich meals of starch and protein – which in my case, happens a lot of the time.

Shima aji with ginger and spring onion, accompanied with home made picked vegetables

The taste of this is as clean as it gets.

The skin of the Shima aji. Deep fried and eaten with salt.

On the opposite end of the richness spectrum – a slice of Chotoro (the fattiest part of the tuna’s belly after Otoro). Just put in your mouth and let it melt on your tongue.

I think the best way to eat sushi is at a counter, with a chef you’re comfortable with, whom you can trust and who knows your taste. For instance, if he knows you’re adventurous – he’ll offer you the puffer fish sperm that’s just come in…

Grilled sperm of the puffer fish served in ponzu sauce. Surprisingly, I wasn’t grossed out by it. On the contrary, I loved it’s creamy texture and sweet taste.

…Or deep fry the head of the Botan Ebi (jumbo shrimp, NOT pictured here) so you can enjoy it after your sushi.

The smaller Ama Ebi or Sweet shrimp

The soft, meaty white flesh of the sea eel is one of my favourites.

If he knows that you love Ikura (Salmon roe) he serves it to you when it’s in season.

Usually he serves Ikura without the seaweed so it doesn’t distract from the taste.

Giant clam. Sweeet!

I’m afraid that after this kind of pampering, I can’t ever eat sushi anywhere else.

Though if I had to eat off a conveyor belt… I have to confess that my ‘secret shame favourite food’ is deep fried maki…

P.S. This is an addition to the post: Dessert in the late summer season brings fresh, fragrant Momo (japanese peaches), Budou (grapes) and their own Ume (plum wine) jelly


About Mizdee

Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.


  1. Not a football fan but …… you got me craving sashimi now……OTORO!!!!

    • Miz Dee

      *grin* I’m only into it for the cute boys and the drinks meself ;) but yeah, give me OTORO over football anyday.

  2. That looks amazing! We opted for a Cameroonian-Japanese fusion dish over at World Cup Food but now may be craving sushi.

  3. Kai

    Mr T might just have gotten Shima Aji mixed up. It’s actually Sayori. Shima Aji never has flesh like that. FYI :D

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