World Cup Feasting: Dutch fastfood for fast forward to next round

When watching the Dutch win a game in the Netherlands, you go with the flow when they score the goal that gets them into the Round of 16. Ie you throw your (still half full) cup of beer cup into the air so that it rains down on the crowd below and you eat lots of Dutch fast food. What is Dutch fast food you ask? Deep Fried Everything. Seriously. Everything.

Visiting friends in Eindhoven (a university and Philips town 2 hours outside Amsterdam), my search for traditional Dutch food turned up a disappointing Doner Kebab and some Wok Take-away. Yes, I kid you not. “It’s quintessentially Dutch food” they said, and maybe so in the context of today’s society, but I was still kind of disappointed. Not disappointed enough to try the raw herring with pickles and onions at the market – which I can assure you – IS quinessentially, traditional Dutch. But whatever… once I discovered Dutch fast food I was happy just eating that.

The Eindhoven deep fried combo – fries, mini croquettes and a battered onion & chicken skewer with curry ketchup.

Mayonaise is THE condiment for fries in Holland, but a ketchup girl always goes back to her roots.

Fries, pommes, friet…a chip by any other name would taste as sweet. Especially when they’re twice fried, real hand-cut and cooked potatoes – and not the frozen, packaged rubbish you get at so many places.

Bitterballen, mini croquettes of meat ragu in breadcrumbs, can burn your tongue if you eat them too fast.

Bami croquette is deep fried mee goreng. Disgusting in theory but it’s a warm, familiar taste when it’s cold and you miss the flavours of home.

Kibbeling or cod nuggets beats MacDonald’s any day.

This post is dedicated to all lovers of fried food.


About Mizdee

Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.

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