The Big Bird of Burgers

I’ve been having burger cravings again and I think the feeling won’t go away until I go back to The Bird.

(Andrew: since I can’t have a De Burg burger, I need some consolation…but this post is lovingly dedicated to u and your delicious burgers in Singapore!)

4 calorific burgers just dying to be eaten! My fellow diners were getting frustrated with my picture taking…

It’s ironic that a restaurant serving great hunks of red meat should be called The Bird, but that’s the way they are at this joint – a bit tongue in cheek and a lot of fun. You get the feeling that the people who work there don’t take themselves too seriously. What they do take seriously is their meat. Whether it’s being tenderly sliced into steaks, lovingly ground and shaped into patties, or lusciously sizzling on the grill, you can be sure that someone is always watching it to make sure it turns out alright.

To be fair, the burgers can be hit or miss affairs (especially during the dinner rush, 7-9 pm, and weekends) but when done properly…they are mouthfuls of pure, unadulterated beefy bliss. Everything is prepared just so to provide you with the ultimate burger experience.

Da Birdhouse Burger – 2 patties and my favourite – fried onions!

The patty is a whopping 250gm of pure ground beef. Done to medium, it’s juicy and pink inside, with a wonderful, smoky char on the outside.  The bun is a muffin that’s toasted on the grill so that it absorbs the fat and juices of the grilling meat. The fries are hand-cut and home-made – none of that frozen rubbish you’d get at so many places these days.

…and YES…I realise that pictures of greasy, cheesy, meaty, artery-clogging burgers may scare off some people…but not a true burger lover.

On the side: onion, tomato and pickle. They don’t put it on the burger or you’d never be able to fit it in your mouth.

Mushroom and Swiss…quite yummy

The best time to go to The Bird, to avoid your dinner becoming a ‘miss’ affair, is either before or after the dinner rush. The last time I was there at 8 on a Saturday night, they grilled my bacon cheeseburger so bad, all I got was some strips of charcoal in my burger. Instead, I’d suggest the early evening, round 6 when they open (5 at the bar if it’s sunny) or after 9.30 for a late dinner; or perhaps Sunday evening, after an afternoon of ‘treasure hunting’ at the Mauer Park Flomarkt (flea market), which is just next door. Sit at the bar, order a few one-for-one Angry Hour beers (as opposed to Happy Hour, 6-8 pm); challenge your friends to who can eat the most Napalm wings without fainting from the pain; enjoy your burger; then leave as the crowd starts to roll in.

The freakin Napalm wings. Hot enough to blast a hole in your tongue

Besides the burgers, I’d also recommend the cheesecake, if you still have room.  For the more health conscious, the steak and Ceasar salad looked good enough to tempt me away from my burger. Don’t bother with the chicken wings – the last few times I ordered them, they looked like they came off some pigeons instead, and at 4 euros for half a dozen it’s really not worth it (the Napalm wings are 1.50 euro during Angry Hour and good for a challenge).

The Bird

Am Falkplatz 5
Prenzlauerberg 10435 (Between Gleim Str and Gaudy Str)
Tel: 0305 105 3283, Email:

Directions: S Bahn or U Bahn Schonehauser Allee, walk down Schonehauser Allee, and turn down either Gleim Str or Gaudy Str

*Reservations highly recommended.  They can be booked up to a week in advance.

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Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.

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