Breakfast Club: Orange Coffee

I like waking up early on the weekends because it always feels like I have the whole day ahead of me, and also because it’s a real nice feeling to know you can turn over and snooze for a couple hours more without anyone bothering you. Last Saturday was different, I woke at 7 o’clock and couldn’t get back to sleep because I started thinking about breakfast and got too hungry to go back to bed.

Weekend breakfast in Berlin is a big affair. Fruhstuck (breakfast) buffets are so popular one usually has to book 1 week in advance (at least) to get a seat in a decent place. Honigmond in Mitte is a good place to go. The spread is not very wide but they have a nice selection of antipasti, cold cuts and sweets, and the food is very well prepared – my favourites are the sausages and eggs, fresh croissants with deep ruby coloured berry jam, the citrone yoghurt and vanilla quark – and very reasonable at 8.50 euro per head. But I wasn’t in the mood to stuff my face today, so we settled for a quiet breakfast at Orange Coffee in Samariterviertel, off Frankfurter Allee.

This small café is as unassuming as the neighbourhood it’s in, but the really good food and the incredibly value-for-money prices make it a great place for a casual breakfast.

Food-wise, the weekend Fruhstuck Orient platter was a real winner. It came with different sorts of cheeses, salami and sausage, olives, a stuffed sweet pepper and vine leaf, homemade dips and a wonderful rose compote – plus 2 brotchen, salad and a token piece of fruit (which isn’t much but by the time you’re done with the rest of the food, is all the fruit you’ll be able to get down anyway). It was large enough for 2 people to share and was only 5.30 euro! It also came with the most delicious couscous I’ve ever had. Flavoured with intensely savoury sun-dried tomato and crisp, sharp spring onions – I was hooked after the first bite.

Besides half Mr T’s breakfast, I also had a very tasty Gouda and Salami toasted sandwich with a hefty portion of salad (3 euro), a decadently chocolatey muffin (1.20 euro) and a large freshly squeezed orange juice (2.50 euro).  Needless to say it was almost as bad as stuffing my face at a buffet.

I wouldn’t travel across Berlin to eat here, but if you live around the neighbourhood, it’s a must-visit. The café is bright and cheery, has a few al fresco seats in the sun and free WIFI. They also serve simple soups, salads and pastas for lunch (none of which are above 6 euros). I didn’t get to try the pasta, but if the breakfast was anything to go by, I’d think it should be pretty good too.

Voigtstr. 35 (just off Frankfurter Allee, near between Warshauer and Mollendorf Strasse)
10247 Berlin, Germany
030 54785394
Directions: Closest Ubahn station is Samariter Strasse
Honigmond Restaurant
Tieckstraße 12 (just off Chausee and Invaliden Strasse, near Oranienburger Tor)
10115 Berlin, Germany
030 284455-0

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Food, food, food. Apart from love, it's the other thing that makes the world go round. When I'm sad it's a comfort, when I'm happy it's a celebration and when I'm not hungry, it's just greediness. But hey! Why not? Life is short too pass up a good meal.

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