About Adventures of a Greedy Girl

This blog is about my enjoyment of food – adventures in my small kitchen or lovely meals eaten somewhere. It doesn’t have precise recipes or perfect pictures. If you are looking for those, there are many beautiful blogs out there.

I’m often told my eyes are bigger than my stomach and when it comes to eating, it always seems I’ve bitten off more than I can chew (no pun intended). If you sometimes feel like that too, then I hope you will read on and maybe share some of your own happy food experiences with me.

Heston Blumenthal may have been in pursuit of perfection, but I’m in pursuit of the perfect eating experience. Whether it’s fancy truffles and champagne or roadside barbeque and beer – I’m just a girl who loves to eat. I live in Singapore. My stomach on the other hand is a citizen of the world.

You can drop both of us a line at greedyadventures@gmail.com




  1. “My stomach on the other hand is a citizen of the world”. I love this, totally going to quote you. I believe my stomach reciprocates.

  2. Lauren

    Found your blog 2 days ago and I’ve already looked at every post and salivated over most of them. I’m going to need to to start eating at least 5 meals a day and blogging all of them because I’m pretty much obsessed.

    • Miz Dee

      Gee thanks! It’s really nice of you to say ;) I salivate over those pictuers myself too – especially near mealtimes

  3. This is without doubt the best blog on the net! Brings back memories of being in berlin in the netherlands, and spending all my money on the best fast food ever! You couldn’t live in a better place for someone who loves eating…

  4. emanuel

    Dam… i miss Germany so much.. i lived in Berlin for 16 y. was searching for some old neighbors and found this web. :) Dönner like that in Portugal we can not find :)

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